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Answering All Your Automotive Locksmith Questions


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Locked out? Lost your keys? Key broken or ignition not turning? Attempted theft? All of these situations seem to come at the worst possible time… WHEN YOU’RE IN A HURRY!!! Don’t sweat it! Einstein Locksmith technicians are in your area ready to assist you with all of your automotive locksmith needs. At Einstein Locksmith, we’ve seen it all. Our techs have years of experience and use the highest-tech equipment on the market. With so many years, makes, and models of cars on the road today, and with ever-evolving automotive technology, you need an automotive locksmith you can depend on.

What auto locksmith solutions do we provide?

Here are the features our trusted, fast auto locksmith services provide in Phoenix, Scottsdale and across the valley. Don’t see your needs here? Just contact us, we can help!

Learn more about the specifics of our auto locksmith services in phoenix, scottsdale, and across arizona

  • I got locked out of my vehicle; how much will it cost to get back in?
    The price will depend on the service you need. For a lockout service, we use standard rates, though some factors can add to the cost, such as location, time of day, whether it is a holiday, weekend or weekday, if it is outside of regular business hours, and the year, make, and model of the car. 
  • The dealership told me that only they can make replacement keys; is that true?
    Absolutely not! Our locksmiths can make keys for most vehicle makes and models. It is very rare that there is a key that a dealership can make that we cannot.
  • Is it better to get a new key from the dealership or a locksmith?
    It’s easier and more convenient to use Einstein Locksmith, as you do not have to get it towed to the dealership – we will come to you. You don’t have to wait in line and we’ll have you back on the road in an hour or less. 
  • Are you able to make new keys and smart keys for cars?
    Yes, we can create keys for most years/makes/models, even the newest models up to this year. 
  • I lost all my keys to my car, can you make a new key to my car without any of my old car keys?
    Yes we can! There are many different methods of originating keys using specialized locksmith tools for decoding your locks, re-programming them if necessary, or taking apart your lock. Our technicians can do this without damaging your vehicle. 
  • I bought a key online. Can you come program it?
    While we are able to program new keys, this could be complicated if you made an online purchase from Amazon or eBay. These keys are usually mass produced in China and are made from the poorest quality microprocessors, chips and motherboards. That’s why they’re so cheap! Sometimes they will work, but quite often they’ll wear out and break very quickly. While we can attempt to program your key, we can’t warranty it or guarantee the performance. Therefore, the best option is to get OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts from the manufacturers, as the quality is much better. Therefore the best option is to get OEM parts from the manufacturer, or reputable quality after-market keys. Our locksmiths only provide OEM keys, and quality after-market keys so you can always purchase directly from us. 
  • My key was stolen, can I make it so the old key will not work anymore?
    Yes, we can help! With most newer cars, it’s as simple as erasing the old key from the car’s computer so it will no longer be recognized and cannot start or unlock the car. Older cars may require rekeying locks or replacing them so the old key would not work.
  • My key stopped working; can you fix it?
    It depends on the issue, but we will find a solution. Some keys can be repaired simply by replacing the battery, others will need to be replaced completely. Either way, we will get you a functioning key right away!
  • My key broke off in the lock; can you get it out or make me a new one?
    Yes, we can remove the key with our specialized tools used for extracting broken keys from car locks.
  • I put my key in the ignition, but I cannot get my ignition to turn. Are you able to fix that?
    Yes, we can fix that. Sometimes the problem is the key, not the ignition, and we just have to replace the key. It is cheaper to replace the key than the ignition. The most common car types we see with this issue are Hondas, Fords, General Motors (GM), Hyundais, Nissans, Volkswagens (VW), and BMWs. In most cases we can just repair the ignition without having to replace it.

Learn more about the specifics of our auto locksmith services in phoenix, scottsdale, and across arizona

EMERGENCY LOCKOUT SERVICE :We’ve all had those “oops” careless moments where it slips our mind and we forget to take our keys out of the car (and yes, it happens to locksmiths too). Einstein Locksmith™ is here to save the day. With fast, accurate response times Einstein Locksmith™ can have you back on the road in no time.

REPLACE BROKEN KEYS: Whether it’s an American classic, or the newest foreign car, Einstein Locksmith™ has got you covered! Our experienced technicians have the latest and greatest machines and tools to be able to make almost any car key on the road today. We stock a wide variety of keys.

Whether it’s a plain metal key, a high security key (“laser cut” key), transponder “chipped” key, remote key, or even a SMART/Proximity key for a“push start” vehicle, Einstein Locksmith™ is standing by and ready to assist!

REKEYING VEHICLE LOCKS: Just like a home or a business, sometimes it’s necessary to rekey the locks on your car. It could be because of a domestic dispute, missing key, theft or attempted theft, etc., and the last thing you want is for that missing key to turn into a missing car!

However, unlike rekeying the locks on your home or business, not every locksmith can rekey a car. It requires someone who has a lot of experience and is highly skilled. Einstein Locksmith has got you covered! Our techs are licensed, insured, and properly trained to rekey your car without causing costly damage, like a less experienced locksmith might. 

KEY EXTRACTION: Breaking keys off in your ignition or door can happen in a snap  -literally! Sometimes you can make the situation worse by trying to get it out yourself. Instead, call the experts at Einstein Locksmith. We can also make you new keys on the spot.

REPLACE LOST OR STOLEN KEYS: From Acura to Volkswagen and everything in between, Einstein Locksmith has got you covered. Our techs carry a huge supply of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and aftermarket keys and remotes, including the new smart/proximity keys (push to start), and can make you a new one on the spot. Better yet, we can typically do so at a lower cost than the dealership. Call Einstein Locksmith Today!

REPAIR OR REPLACE IGNITION, DOOR, AND TRUNK LOCKS: If your key won’t turn or it turns but won’t start unlock or start the car, or if your key is hard to pull out or stick in, the techs at Einstein Locksmith have seen it all and are ready to assist. Sometimes the fix is as simple as making you a new key, or repairing your lock – saving you lots of money over a trip to the mechanic or dealership. Sometimes we will have to replace the lock, and when we do, Einstein Locksmith can still match it up to your original key. Call us today!  

TRANSPONDER “CHIPPED” KEYS: Most cars on the road today have transponder chips in them. These chips are a security feature, and each transponder chip has a unique code in them that communicates with your car’s computer to start the engine. Einstein Locksmith stocks just about every type of transponder key for every year, make and model, and of course we have the latest computer software to be able to program them, as well. 

KEY COPIES: If you already have a working key and just need a spare, (something we highly recommend doing to prevent emergencies), call us at Einstein locksmith today. It’s always easier to make a copy than to originate a new key, and it is usually less expensive. And certainly less expensive than losing all your working keys!

SMART KEYS/PROXIMITY/INTELLIGENT KEYS: The newest technology to hit the vehicle market is push start vehicles, cars that start by simply pressing a button, and that can be unlocked just by the key-holder being in a close proximity to the vehicle. Einstein Locksmith can make these keys as well.

PROGRAM KEYS: Not all locksmiths are created equal, especially when it comes to programming car keys. While most locksmiths can program MANY domestic and Asian cars, Einstein Locksmith prides itself on our techs being able to do advanced programing on European cars, as well.

HIGH SECURITY/LASER CUT CAR KEYS: Some automakers designed their locks with a high security feature making them harder to pick or force open. The key usually looks like it has a strange squiggly line going through the middle. A special machine is needed to cut these keys. Not every locksmith has this machine, but you can rest assured that Einstein Locksmith™ does.

REMOTES/FOBS/KEYLESS ENTRY: Einstein Locksmith stocks most manufacturer remotes, and can typically program them in less than 10 minutes.

VATS KEYS: Older GM vehicles from the mid 1980s until the late 1990s and early 2000s had a resistor built into the key, which was part of the anti-theft system. These keys are called VATS (Vehicle Anti-Theft System) keys. Einstein Locksmith can make these keys as well as service or replace the ignition cylinders on these cars.

ECU RE-FLASH (Toyota/Lexus): When it comes to making new keys when all your original keys are lost, for select model Toyota and Lexus vehicles, it will require a “reflash” service”. These vehicles are usually models from the late 1990s or early 2000s that were designed with no access to the car’s computer via a scanner or programmer. In hindsight, the vehicle makers realized this was a major design flaw and no longer produce vehicles that way. However, if your car happens to be one of the Toyota or Lexus models manufactured this way, then in order to program the key, we will have to physically remove the car’s computer and “reflash” it to a “like-new” state so it will accept new keys. Not every locksmith can provide this service, but Einstein Locksmith does. Even the dealership can’t do this, and will instead charge you to replace the computer, which will cost significantly more.

MOTORCYCLE KEYS:Einstein Locksmith can make keys for most motorcycle makes and models. Call us today for pricing. 

JAGUAR/TIBBE KEYS: Jaguar/Tibbe keys are probably the hardest mechanical  keys to make, which is exactly why most locksmiths won’t even attempt it. Einstein Locksmith has the specialized cutting machines needed to make these keys to get you back on the road. 

MERCEDES KEYS/FOBS: Einstein Locksmith can make most Mercedes keys up to 2014 models. Unlike the dealer, who takes several days to get a new key (and in a lost key situation, you would also need to tow the car there), Einstein Locksmith offers same-day service at your location. 

BMW KEYS: BMW keys are one of the most difficult types to program. Einstein Locksmith technicians have gone through extensive, regularly updated trainings to be able to offer same-day service for BMW vehicles. 

VW/AUDI KEYS: Einstein Locksmith can make most Audi and Volkswagen keys and remotes, even if you have lost all of your keys. Save time and money over the dealer. Call Einstein Locksmith today!