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How To Get A Ram Car Key Replacement In Phoenix

You may have lost your Ram car key. Or you might just need a Ram Car Key Replacement In Phoenix after the original broke!

For whatever reason, if you need a Ram car key replacement you do not need to tow your car to a dealer. Towing a car can be costly, the dealer will charge a premium price.

Einstein Locksmith will replace a Ram Fobik key for you at your place, for an affordable price.

What is a Ram Car Key Replacement Fobik?

A Fobik is a remote and a key integrated into one piece. Sometimes, the plastic casing in a Fobik can deteriorate, or a circuit board gets damaged and you need to replace your Ram Fobik.

If you have a Ram car with a Fobik key and the WIN Module – the ignition – goes bad, we can replace and program a new one to your Ram vehicle. 

Vehicles that use Fobiks date back to 2008, and now Fobiks are fairly typical as the key for many types of cars.

Can I Get A Cheap Aftermarket Fobik?

If you don’t have the original remote head key or Fobik and you are using a cheap version, chances are they will go bad relatively fast.

Due to the high rate of failure in aftermarket keys, we at Einstein Locksmith only sell OEM – original equipment manufacturer – keys. 

Services provided by our licensed and insured techs include:

  • Ram car key replacement
  • Ram key fob replacement 
  • Ram keyless entry
  • Ram Fobik replacement
  • Ram key programming
  • Ram ignition reprogramming